12 pedophiles arrested throughout Spain, four of them minors, users of a website that sold videos with child sexual abuse

The National Police, in collaboration with the Portuguese authorities, has managed to dismantle a website that sold its users material on child sexual abuse. In the framework of the investigation, 12 users of this website have been arrested, four of them minors, who were regular users of the platform.

As stated in the police report, the first detainee was the administrator of the website, located in Portugal, just like their servers. Everything was possible thanks to the indications of the Spanish police who alerted the Portuguese authorities of this criminal network.

Already in Spain, the National Police identified and detained the 12 pedophiles in Spanish territory, scattered throughout much of the geography of our country: Barcelona, ​​Madrid, Malaga, Gerona, Sabadell, Cáceres, Albacete, Cádiz, Castellón, Murcia and Valencia.

All the detainees exchanged sensitive material with sexual abuse of minors through instant messaging. In addition, it is striking that four of those involved in the case were minors. One of them, in Barcelona, ​​had shared up to 49 videos and 9 photographs of very young girls in a very short space of time, so the alarms went off for the police.

The police investigation was launched thanks to a citizen notice in which they warned of the existence of this web page. With the first investigations, the agents discovered that the servers and the administrator of said portal was hosted in Portugal. With this, the platform administrator obtained great economic benefits from the sale of pedophile material to his users. To obtain the benefits, the agents found two payment methods for the portal administrator.

On the one hand, users could pay through virtual currencies or bank transactions in order to avoid advertising on the we. On the other hand, the administrator placed advertising in each of the files that users saw in order to make his illegal business much more profitable.

With this, and in collaboration with Europol, it is possible to stop the web administrator and close the page for the rest of the users. The investigation continued and when analyzing the web, they found an instant messaging section where users could share material with other affiliates of the web.

Thanks to this, it was possible to identify the detainees in Spain, who compulsively shared material with other users, in addition to exhibiting humorous attitudes when they shared the material.

The agents were struck by the young age of the users of this platform: four of them were minors and seven were in their twenties. All of them were very active on the web, they had a mobile phone, an internet connection and no supervision.

The compulsive participation of a young man from Malaga who caught the attention of the police He even shared up to 38 videos of very young children subjected to serious sexual abuse.

Finally, thanks to this police intervention and coordination between several countries, two people of Colombian origin have been arrested.