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He Guild of Booksellers of Valladolid joins this Friday, November 8, to the celebration of Bookstore Day, a party that this year aims to value the personal, exclusive and close treatment offered by booksellers and booksellers. Under the motto ‘Bookstores touch us’, it will try to highlight the important role that these spaces play in their neighborhoods, towns or cities, where they not only act as cultural revitalization centers but they are essential meeting points for the creation of community.

Also, the idea of ​​contact will be influenced, that is, it points to booksellers as trustworthy people who care about knowing their readers, guide them, help them and give them a hand. The goal is for Libraries Day to become a festive event in which a 5 percent discount will also be made, the maximum that allows the regulations of the sector to the clients, that on Friday they approach the establishments associated to the Guild of Booksellers of Valladolid.

In addition, for each purchase a limited edition bookmark will be delivered with the winning designs of the Contest convened by the Valladolid Design School (ESI) among its students in collaboration with the Guild of Booksellers and Avadeco. The first prize went to Lucía Antruejo, the second went to Sara Perlado and the third to Abel Atencia.

Each bookstore organizes its own activities, depending on its customers, which highlights the presence of writers who will sign copies of their works and storytelling for the children's audienceIn addition to music. As is traditional, some establishments will bring their exhibitors to the street, an action that will also be conditioned by the meterology.

The Bookshop Guild stands out the stability of the sector in Valladolid, where the number of bookstores is maintained as the closures of establishments, which must always be regretted, They have also been accompanied by new openings in the capital.

As for the union, also highlight the growth experienced in the last year with the incorporation of two new bookstores, one of them in the town of Olmedo, with which the collective extends its representativeness beyond the capital and reaches the province in a way to try to be the voice of the sector, because at the moment with 31 partners it represents more than 60 percent of the open establishments.

The latest studies on Reading Habits and the Purchase of Books confirm the resilience of proximity libraries as a reference space for readers when making purchases. According to the last barometer made by the Spanish Publishers Guild, bookstores occupy first place as a purchase option.

69 percent of respondents place them in the usual place and 42 percent have acquired their book in this way, compared to 26.3% of respondents who use the Internet, a market that despite its growth fails to unseat the traditional market.