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A man has been arrested Thursday as a suspect in tried from murder, after stabbing another inside a mosque in downtown London, British police reported.

Agents went to the street mosque Park Roadclose to Regent's Park, around 15.10 GMT, to be alerted that a person had been injured as a result of the incident, although he is not afraid for his life.

In a statement, Scotland Yard explained that "a man, from about 70 years, was found with stab wounds "and was taken to a hospital.

The police, who investigate the circumstances of the action, arrested a man suspected of attempted murder. According to various media, video images taken by people who were in the mosque show a man of caucasian features As the author of the attack.

According to the Sky News news channel, the attack happened during the afternoon prayer and the victim was the muezzin, who calls prayer in mosques, who suffered aggression when he was in the back of the room.

At the time of the events it is estimated that there were some 300 people inside from the Central London Mosque, considered one of the largest temples in the country and with the capacity to house some 5,000 faithful.