A Donald Trump in low hours suggests postponing the elections due to the risk of “fraud” in the vote by mail

The president of United States, Donald Trump, has suggested this Thursday the possibility of postponing the presidential elections in the North American country, arguing that there is a risk that they will be “imprecise and fraudulent” due to the voting by mail system.

With the universal vote-by-mail system (not the absentee vote, which is going well), the 2020 elections will be the most fraudulent and imprecise elections in history. It would be a great shame for the United States. A postponement of the elections until people can vote adequately and safely? “Asked the US president, in a message published on his personal account on the social network Twitter.

In a previous message, Trump has said that the vote-by-mail system “has already shown that it is a catastrophic disaster.” “Democrats talk about foreign interference in the vote but they know that the vote-by-mail system is an easy way for other countries to enter the competition. In addition to all that, it does not allow an accurate count! “He proclaimed.

Trump’s suggestion to postpone the presidential election is unprecedented in recent U.S. history. In the United States, the date of the presidential elections is always set for the first Tuesday of the first full week of November. There are no precedents in the last decades of the postponement of a presidential election in the country.

Donald Trump’s message comes after he has cast doubt on the validity of the vote by mail and at a time when election polls put him at a clear disadvantage with respect to the likely Democratic candidate, Joe Biden, and when the country is completely marked by the coronavirus pandemic, which leaves more than 4.4 million people infected and more than 150,000 fatalities on US soil.

According to the newspaper ‘The New York Times’, Trump’s message represents an “extraordinary breach of presidential decorum” and could lead to an increase in the chances that the current president and his followers will refuse to accept his defeat in the presidential elections on 3 March. November if Biden takes victory.

Although the White House has previously denied that Donald Trump has an interest in postponing the presidential elections, some of his allies and his top advisers have mentioned the possibility of an electoral postponement due to the situation derived from the coronavirus pandemic.

According to the New York newspaper, Trump does not have the powers to unilaterally change the date of the presidential elections, which is set according to federal legislation.

Right now, most polls rank Trump against Biden in nearly every key state. Also, according to ‘The New York Times’, his claim that the vote-by-mail system allows fraud or leads to inaccurate counts is false.

The president has repeatedly charged the vote-by-mail system, an attitude that coincides with Democrats’ efforts to encourage their absentee voters to ask for a vote by mail, which has led this party to have an advantage over the moment in this way of voting. In April, the Liberal nominee for the Wisconsin Supreme Court managed to improve her mail-in vote results by 10 percent over the face-to-face vote.