Dutch police are investigating a "suspicious situation on board an airplane" at Amsterdam's Schiphol airport and emergency service vehicles have approached the Dutch airfield for possible "potential threat" to the population.

Military sources had initially informed Dutch television NOS that it is a possible "hijacking of an aircraft" and that the "captain of the plane has pressed the hijacking alarm button".

This is flight 1094 of the company Air Europa that made the route Amsterdam-Madrid, as the airline has clarified to EL ESPAƑOL the situation is under control and everything has been reduced to a false alarm due to a technical error.

The pilots of the aircraft, an Airbus 330, would have mistakenly activated a code that alerts the authorities of a hijack and the entire security device of the airport of the Dutch capital has been launched.

The incident occurred during the boarding process and caused the flight departure delay, which was scheduled 19.10.