A.M.A. is the leading home insurance company for global user satisfaction

A.M.A. Seguros, the Mutual of Healthcare Professionals, is the leading home insurance company, according to an independent survey conducted by the Organization of Consumers and Users (OCU), in which the main 36 insurance companies have been evaluated. Home insurance of A.M.A. It has been chosen as the best in overall satisfaction by users.

The Mutual of Healthcare Professionals receives the best assessment (78 points) in satisfaction with the repairs and compensation received. The amount of the premium and its evolution get the highest consideration with 69 and 66 points, respectively, according to the detailed data made public in the November issue of the magazine “Money and Rights”.

For its level of quality in customer service and clarity in the handling of claims, A.M.A. It also occupies the second position in the study.

The policies of Hogar de A.M.A. They offer a wide range of services, which include as a novelty since this year the guarantee of the "basic handyman" for simple tasks, small repairs and the maintenance of the house, and the "specialized handyman" for more difficult jobs such as thermos placement electric or sanitary tank repair.

The OCU survey consolidates the position of the Mutual Health Professionals as a leader in the health sector, with more than one million products contracted.

These good data are, without a doubt, the result of constant and rigorous work and the commitment to quality of service, closeness and loyalty of mutualists.

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