A man investigated for trying to steal a baby pretending to be a doctor

The National Police of Valencia has reported that it has opened an investigation to a man who tried to take a baby from the City Clinical Hospital, pretending to be a doctor. The attempted robbery would have occurred today Wednesday, February 13, when the man showed up in one of the rooms in the infant area and began asking questions, according to the Levante newspaper.

Minutes after leaving the room, the man returned to tell the mother that she should take her son for tests. The mother, surprised by the behavior of the supposed doctor, who never identified himself, first chose to consult the nurse, something that should have alarmed the suspect who left the room and did not return.

According to the mother of the baby who tried to steal in Valencia, the man had a good presence and did not suspect anything, although he never identified himself as a doctor. The mother herself told the agents that the man did not touch the baby at any time, so it is not yet known what the suspect intended.

The National Police has opened an investigation to try to clarify the facts and find the suspect who left the hospital without attracting attention.