A man killed by police dies after stabbing 2 agents who prevented him from assaulting a woman

A 51-year-old man has died early this morning from gunshots of a policeman who had been stabbed in the neck, as well as another agent, in a house in the Madrid district of Villa de Vallecas that the agents had come to in the wake of a complaint about a case of sexist violence.

According to sources from the Superior Police headquarters, the event took place at 2.25 this morning when a woman called 091 to warn that her daughter's boyfriend, who has a previous police record for sexist violence and breach of sentence , I was threatening to burn her alive.

Until the number 12 of Caranavajos Street, an endowment of the Citizen Assistance Group of the Citizen Security Brigade was transferred, accompanied by the mother of the alleged victim.

When the woman opened the door a man pounced on one of the policemen armed with a knife and stabbed him in the neck.

The agent fell to the ground while the man stabbed the other agent in the chest, at which point the wounded policeman took out his gun and fired at the individual, who died.

The injured neck policeman was evacuated to the Hospital October 12 in serious condition, while his partner was transferred to the Clinical hospital, also with the same prognosis.

The investigators of the National Police, the body that has taken charge of the investigation of the event, consider that the man did indeed want to kill the couple.