A man shoots in a Miami hotel demanding social distance due to the coronavirus

A man was arrested and charged with various crimes in Miami Beach after he started shooting, demanding that people keep social distance from the coronavirus. The man involved, Douglas Marks, 29, He fired several warning shots inside the Crystal Beach Club Hotel in the North American city.

Marks arrived at the hotel to register and began to argue with a tourist and her son, reproaching them that they were not keeping the social distance demanded by the authorities by COVID-19. The man asked the receptionist to call the authorities to report the case. and later made four warning shots inside the hotel. Fortunately, the shooting did no harm to any of the users of the Miami Beach hotel.

Virginia Pena, the woman who was with her son and with whom the detainee argued, informed the authorities. that the man reproached them for their attitude and ordered them to leave the hotel. When the police arrived at the hotel, Marks was in the lobby with the gun in his hand and He was detained without resistance. The rest of the hotel users commented to television that they heard shots and saw the mother and her son very scared after the incident.

The detainee now faces several penalties for aggravated assault by firearm and shooting a weapon in public. The judge imposed a bail of $ 11,000 to obtain his freedom, which was paid by the person involved.