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"If you see me in black and very radical, and if I burn and break and make a despadre In this city, what is your problem? They killed my daughter"Thus began his plea against feminicides in Mexico Yesenia Zamudio, mother of María de Jesús Jaimes Zamudio, murdered in 2016.

Zamudio's protest demanding justice for his daughter and for "all of whom no one names" has gone viral on social networks and is another example of massive feminist concentrations that are taking place in Mexico against femicides.

"I am not a collective, nor do I need a drum, nor do I need a Scullion political party that represents me. I represent myself alone and without a microphone. I am a mother who killed my daughter, I am an empowered and feminist mother. If I am charging me the fucking I have every right to burn and break. I am not going to ask anyone's permission because I am breaking for my daughter, "Zamudio alleged surrounded by dozens of women with banners and photos of others killed and disappeared.

"The one that wants to break that breaks, the one that wants to burn that burns and the one that doesn't, that doesn't hinder us. Because before they killed my daughter they have murdered many. And how were we all? Well at ease in our house, crying and embroidering, no longer gentlemen, they ran out. We have already broken the silence and we will not allow them make a damn circus already of our pain ", he wielded in reference to the treatment of the violence of some media.

Marichuy's murder

María de Jesús Jaimes Zamudio, known as 'Marichuy', was 19 years old and studied Petroleum Engineering at the National Polytechnic Institute (IPN) when she was killed. She was thrown from a fifth floor, where she lived with two friends, allegedly by a teacher and some classmates.

The young woman died after several days admitted to the hospital and was found with the torn clothes, apparently as a result of a attempted sexual assault. According SDP News, also had remnants of the skin of the aggressors under their nails.

In spite of everything, at first the Office of the Attorney General of Mexico City treated it as an ordinary homicide, but finally, in September 2019, it was reclassified as feminicide. However still there have been no arrests and the teacher accused by the family continues to teach at the IPN.

Image of Marichuy published by her mother on Facebook.

Yesenia Zamudio

Marichuy's mother denounces the slowness and complicity of the institutions and officials of her country, where they occur On average 10 feminicides per day.

In his sense speech he referred to this and said that "if they are going to talk, talk about them all. Everyone they rape and harass, also teachers and public servants, who throw acid. Talk about the girls who rape in their cribs his own parents and their families remain silent because their Catholic religion does not allow it. "

Finally, Yesenia Zamudio asked for justice "for me, for my family and for my daughter, and for all that nobody names. Because every day they kill one and another, and another … I have not been able to solve my case daughter and I already received ten, one hundred, a thousand more cases. "

Ingrid and Fatima, recently killed

Thousands of people, mainly women, have been demonstrating for days after two recent cases that have shocked the country. In mid-February Ingrid Escamilla, 26, was brutally murdered and dismembered by her boyfriend.

The event itself provoked protests by feminist groups, but the case broke out when they were leaked. explicit photographs of the corpse of the young woman. Thousands of people took to the streets outraged at how his murder was being treated and apologized to the media that published the images.

The demonstrations focused particularly on the diary The press which, after the scandal, published a cover entitled "Commitment" in which they guaranteed that they would not use similar images again in information. However, its back cover was entitled "Cold Blood" which was accompanied by large photographs of the body of another event.

Days later, Fatima, a minor of seven yearsShe was kidnapped while waiting for her mother after school. Hours later it was found dead inside a bag. The Mexican president, Andrés Manuel López Obrador, spoke on this case and declared that "it is very regrettable that this happens." He also attributed this crime to "social problems, family, is a social disease."