A new report suggests that three strangers were killed by Dana Leonte

While Sergio, Dana Leonte's former partner, remains in provisional detention as the only one accused of his disappearance and alleged murder on June 12, a new report commissioned by Sergio's defense suggests that Dana was killed by three strangers.

This is a report about the whatsapp messages that were sent from Dana's phone when according to the Civil Guard the woman would have already been killed. What the investigators believe is that Sergio after killing Dana took the victim's cell phone and sent messages to himself and to third parties pretending that Dana was afraid of revenge for a supposed debt.

However the report you have Accessed OKDIARY Made by an expert philologist from the University of Alicante, an expert in forensic linguistics denies that Sergio or Dana were the authors of these whatsapp messages.

According to the 74-page report, after comparing those messages with others that without any doubt are of Sergio and Dana They differ by 95%. The writing of these messages in the accent, expressions, distribution of the sentences or length of the words, is not the usual one of Sergio and Dana. "Sergio demonstrates in his texts a low educational level instead the authors of these messages have a higher educational level," says the expert, as "In the messages you can see a form of hybrid expression that does not correspond to that of Dana or Sergio's. ”

Moreover, after its analysis, the expert concludes that they were written by three different people. One of them Castilian speaker, another of Romanian origin and a third of Andalusian origin. The possibility that these people have been the authors of the messages according to the philologist is 30%.

It should be noted that the study obviously does not establish why , how or how they could write these messages. However, for the defense, the study does show that those three people who would supposedly manipulate Dana's phone are the real killers of the young woman.