A repentant thief takes the police to his house to return the stolen

Strange event happened in Valladolid. A 48-year-old man stole two motorcycle helmets from a shop on the Zorrilla promenade at dawn. It must be that he regretted him while he slept because in the morning he returned to the store when the Local Police were guarding the entrance and told the agents to accompany him to his house since he wanted to return what was stolen.

The picturesque robbery has occurred around two o'clock in the morning on Tuesday, when a call has warned that they were trying to steal in a motorcycle shop on the Zorrilla promenade, as reported by sources of the Municipal Police.

Once in the place, the local police officers have found that the glass was broken although there was no one inside the store, although there have been two policemen in uniform guarding the entrance. Other agents have swept the area to try to find the perpetrator of the robbery taking into account the characteristics that the caller has given of the same, such as that he was hooded or what the jacket was like.

Shortly after the agents who were at the door of the store have found that a man, who matched the characteristics of the alleged perpetrator of the robbery, got into the establishment. The agents have asked him where he was going and the man has said that he was the one they were looking for and that he wanted to return the stolen.

He has asked the agents to accompany him to his house, which was nearby, to return the two stolen motorcycle helmets. And so it has happened, they have gone to the house of the repentant thief who has returned the stolen what has not prevented his arrest. Now he will face a fine.