A wall collapses in Chamberí causing significant material damage

A part of a building located in the Madrid district of Chamberí It has collapsed this Monday by accident. Has caused serious material damage especially in cars, although they have not had to account for personal damages.

The event happened after one o'clock in the number 4 of the Alcala Galiano street. At the height of Monte Esquinza street. Specifically, the events have occurred at the door of the María Cristina Masaveu Peterson Foundation museum, which fortunately this Monday was closed.

The din has been monumental and as people present present comment to OKDIARIO "the scare has been tremendous"." We thought it was about an attack", explain these sources.

The cornice that has fallen on the sidewalk and the road comes from the fifth floor of the property that is In works. The causes of the accident are currently being investigated.

Several units of emergency have been moved to the site Firefighters of the Madrid City Council who have chosen confine staff inside of the building due to the risk of more landslides if they left. This is confirmed by a spokeswoman for Emergency Madrid to Europa Press

Image of the destruction of this Monday in Chamberí.

Subsequently, the members of Bomberos Madrid have undertaken sanitation work of the building to avoid major damage. They have removed the bulk of the debris and have begun with inspection tasks to determine the origin of what happened.

Anxiety crisis

Likewise, an ambulance of the body of Samur – Civil Protection to address anxiety crisis. In particular, a worker of the area has required treatment for a crisis of this type. In any case, it has not had to be transferred to hospital units.

In addition to the aforementioned museum The Community of Madrid has several rented offices there used to house the person of the General Directorate of Local Administration under the Ministry of Housing and Local Administration. The property was carrying out works on the facade and possibly there is the cause of the accident.