A woman arrested for biting off part of her partner’s lip

Agents of the National Police have arrested a 28-year-old woman in the Abastos district of Valencia as the alleged perpetrator of the crimes of mistreatment in the family and injuries, after taking part of her partner’s lip with a bite, which had to be operated on. The woman alleged that the man had previously assaulted her and that he tried to kiss her afterward.

The events occurred around a quarter past one in the morning when the agents who were carrying out prevention work were alerted by the 091 Room to go to a square in the Abastos district where apparently a woman had bitten her partner on the lip , has indicated the Headquarters in a statement.

The policemen went to the place where they observed a man with a bleeding wound on his lip and found out that moments before he had arrived at the home and when trying to kiss his partner, she bit his lower lip, which caused an injury bleeding.

The agents located the suspect at her home, who told the agents that she was angry with her partner since he apparently had previously attacked her and at that time she did not want to kiss her. After a series of verifications, they arrested her as the alleged perpetrator of the crimes of mistreatment in the family and injuries.

The victim was taken by the agents to the hospital where he had to undergo surgery since he had a loss of substance of approximately three centimeters from his lip.

The detainee, with a police record, has been brought to justice.