A young man arrested for attacking several policemen after refusing to use the mask in Madrid

The Municipal Police of Madrid has detained a 24-year-old who repeatedly refused to wear a mask and, after a brief persecution, attacked several agents before being arrested, according to this Body.

The incident took place last Friday at eleven o’clock in the morning in the Plaza de Arturo Barea, in the Centro district, when a patrol saw this young man without a mask.

The policemen asked the man to put it on but he refused with a “cocky and aggressive” attitude, according to the Municipal Police, and continued his march.

The young man was intercepted at the confluence of Mesón de Paredes street with Sombrerete, where the agents warned him that he was committing a crime. “I’m not going to use it,” he replied.

According to the Police, after this warning he gave one of the agents a push and ran away, but was reduced a few meters later, where he showed great violence, injuring several of them, who needed to be treated by Samur-Civil Protection health workers with minor injuries.

He was arrested for a continuous crime of assault on authority and disobedience, in addition to receiving a fine for not wearing the mask.