Adara is sincere about what she feels for Gianmarco

Adara and Master Joao They have re-created their own love query. The winner of GH VIP 7 has confessed to the fortune teller about her slippery sentimental situation. If something is clear about the hostess is that at the moment she only trusts herself because Gianmarco does not have her trusted support: “He is a person to whom I have affection, but I felt very bad, I have felt that they have played with me. This is how I felt ”.

In fact, Adara has gone back weeks. Just at the moment when Gianmarco leaves the house and is interviewed by Jorge Javier on set to analyze the first gesture of the Italian that seems to be the beginning of everything. “He came to the set and asked Jorge: Are you in love with Adara? And until his brother told him to say yes, he didn't say it. ”.

Adara and Gianmarco in The Discount Time / Mediaset

Precisely his brother Luca is the person Adara points out as the guilty distorting element in part of his teaching and his distraction. “His brother out has clouded him. His brother has told me everything on social networks. He has called me false and he has consented …, Adara has confessed.

Given Adara's arguments, Master Joao has done nothing but justify Gianmarco and emphasize that the crush they experienced during the contest was real and that, of course, he does not believe that the Italian played with her: “I don't think there is, and I don't want to believe it. If I had that suspicion I couldn't talk to him, but everyone has their perception. If I am sure that they do that to a friend or a friend, that person is about me, but for now I can be a friend of both parties. ”