After the words of Teresa Rivera, her brother Antonio shares the great sorrow of the family

The clan Pantoja-Rivera has been in the spotlight for several weeks. The last chapter of this framework took place on Friday night when Teresa Rivera, Paquirri’s sister became the star of the special ‘Cantora: the poisoned inheritance 2’. A program in which numerous pieces of information came to light, including the bullfighter’s desire to separate from Isabel Pantoja just as it was discovered that the emeralds that Teresa received from Isabel Pantoja were of average quality. However, there are some statements that reflect the suffering of the Rivera family in the face of an unbridled war with the tonadillera. And it is that when Antonio Rivera -father- died, Kiko Rivera could not give her the last goodbye for not hurting her mother.

Antonio Rivera at the funeral of his father Antonio Rivera./Gtres

This Saturday Antonio Rivera -son- he left to visit his brother Jose Rivera nicknamed ‘Riverita’ who is in a delicate state of health. After the numerous declarations by some members of the family, Antonio prefers to stay in the background. That’s why when Gtres’s mirrophones They have asked him about some questions such as whether he saw his sister’s interview Teresa, but he did not want to answer and opted for the most absolute silence.

Antonio Rivera in a file image./Gtres
Antonio Rivera in a file image./Gtres

However, he has shown the grief of the Rivera family because his father never had the opportunity to meet Kiko Rivera. «My father the man died with that pain. If he had known him, he would have been very happy … », says the bullfighter’s brother, making it clear that “This is not the time to talk too much because you have your bad brother.”

Irene Rosales in 'Viva la vida'. / Telecinco
Irene Rosales in ‘Viva la vida’. / Telecinco

Kiko Rivera’s disconnection moment

On the other hand, Irene Rosales who has come to ‘Viva la vida’ “very nervous” about what could happen during the program has confessed how Kiko Rivera is at this time as well as the decisions that her mother has made. “This week we have taken it to avoid everything to avoid having more information”, begins saying the collaborator. «Kiko has been somewhat calmer these days because she needed to disconnect from everything that has been happening. He has taken advantage and has been with the girls a lot because if he kept receiving more news, his head would have exploded », Rosales assures.

The singer’s wife has also made it clear that for the moment her husband is not going to speak anymore and is not going to sit on any television set or make any kind of statement. Regarding a possible reconciliation with Isabel Pantoja, Irene Rosales has said that: «There must be a very long and serious conversation.