Albert Rivera warms up his first appearance after being a father

For many people these last few months have been quite an ordeal, but for Albert rivera They have become, despite all the problems generated by the coronavirus, the most beautiful and special of his life. Last June, the former politician and his partner, the singer Malú, welcomed their first daughter together, a girl they called Lucia – “she couldn’t be called otherwise,” said the artist at the time. Little more than three have passed from that happy moment and the truth is that the emotions have not ended, not much, well In just a few days Albert Rivera will reach the world his other ‘son’, your book.

Albert Rivera already has an official date to present his book / Instagram

As if it were an ultrasound, it was on February 15 when the former leader of Ciudadanos presented the first image of ‘A free citizen‘, a book in which he put all his illusion with the intention of releasing it on April 15. However, as Look exclusively recounted shortly before that date, the Catalan’s plans were ruined Because of the Covid-19, given the circumstances it was decided that the best thing was for the launch to remain on ‘stand by’.

Albert Rivera, Malú
Despite everything that has happened in recent months, this year has been especially good for Albert Rivera and Malú / Gtres

Yet the time has come and will be this next September 22 when Rivera will see his dream come true and ‘A free citizen’ hits the shelves of bookstores. But not only that, Albert Rivera has decided hold a press conference that same day, starring like this an expected comeback, the first after becoming a father.

Unlike in February, this time Rivera has chosen to surround the presentation with mystery, heated up this comeback by not wanting to give any details when on other occasions he had no problem revealing the odd detail. We will have to wait until the 22nd to find out more information and, hopefully, discover how he has lived these first months of fatherhood.

September, month of opportunities

But it is not the only work project that Albert Rivera welcomes in September. This same Thursday he made a big announcement on his Instagram account: your incorporation to the law firm Martínez-Echevarría, who has included Rivera’s last name in his name. «I am very excited to open this new professional stage in my life, and that’s why we have decided to join forces in Martínez-Echevarría & Rivera Abogados. It is an honor to lead a great team with more than 150 lawyers and 250 professionals passionate about Law and to do so in two sister countries such as Spain and Portugal. 🇪🇸🇵🇹. We continue ⚖️💪🏼 ».

September has become a special month for Albert, but also for Malú, as she also returns to work. After the presentation of her latest album, shortly before seeing her daughter’s face, Paco de Lucía’s niece returns to the small screen and becomes the ‘investigator of the program ‘Mask Singer: guess who sings’, where the Madrilenian will have to guess who is the person who hides behind the costume with which she will perform a performance that will make her continue, or not, in the program. Two projects with which the couple leave their paternity leave behind and start a new stage: that of conciliation.