Alejandra Rubio, a few hours after putting the relationship with Terelu in check

Fear. This is what Terelu Campos feels before him television debut of her daughter Alejandra Rubio, It will occur sooner rather than later. The young woman will disembark at the Olympus of the world of television to acquire the role of TV collaborator The influencer will take care of comment on what happens on ‘The Island of Temptations’, the reality presented by Mónica Naranjo and broadcast on Telecinco y Cuatro. Rubio is taking his first steps and for two days a week he will become one of the new television faces.

A labor decision that you make deliberately, but that could mark a turning point in the mother-child relationship. In fact, in the face of Terelu's disagreement, since Alejandra is of legal age, her Professional inclinations have been directed towards the world of entertainment. It should be remembered that some of his works have been like public relations in the disco Oh my club or youtuber for MTMAD. However, Alejandra takes another step in the career she has always dreamed of. Your media escalation will take you to sit for the first time in a television set acquiring an important role.

For Terelu it will be the litmus test that, sure, will cause more than one disorderly thought. However, María Teresa Campos' eldest daughter knows that every attempt to refuse to do so was bound to fail. Alejandra has proven to be a mature young woman with the ability to freely make her decisions.

Will you continue with your law studies?

However, the main The television collaborator's concern is that her daughter abandons law studies He is currently studying and sees in the world of television a fast reef to position himself in the media. Terelu Campos' daughter announced the last September I had started this university career and I was happy. "I like it a lot," he commented to the media.

However, family history supports him to become a television superstar. Although we still don't know if his mother, his aunt Carmen Borrego, or his own grandmother, María Teresa Campos, have given him any advice for its premiere on the small screen.

We will have to wait to know how Alejandra Rubio develops in the first debate of the new space conducted by Mónica Naranjo. In addition, we can discover the new collaborators of the program that is giving so much to talk about.