Alejandro Sanz and Raquel Perera: the assets that still remain to be distributed after their divorce

On September 3, Alejandro Sanz and Raquel Perera ratified the divorce agreement with which they ended eight years of marriage. A signature that meant peace between the ex-partner, five months after the problems began to finalize what had been their love story. It was on July 13 of last year when, after weeks of rumors, the couple announced their separation through their social networks, although they made it clear that for their children and the affection they professed they would continue to maintain a cordial relationship. Something that changed when On April 15, the singer filed for divorce in the courts of the Madrid town of Pozuelo where he currently resides. And she did it unilaterally,. a movement that Raquel did not expect and that he made her ‘fight back’ on June 12, although she did it in Miami Court.

On September 3, the ex-partner ratified their divorce agreement in Madrid / Gtres

At that time, the ins and outs of the marriage separation were known: financial requests regarding child support, accusations of parental absences, refusals from one party and another, until an agreement was finally reached by which, between other points, Raquel agreed to return to Spain with her children so that they grow up close to their father. In addition to the economic and emotional well-being of their children, their separation also implies making a distribution of other ‘assets’ as precious as friends. But who are these friends ‘to share’?

It has been twelve years of sentimental relationship and in this decade together, living in Miami, there have been many friends – both nationally and internationally – who have become part of his narrower circle. Of course, some of them are part of the world of music, but also of other sectors such as sports, communication or law. Some have shown their support during their separation by using their social networks, and others, in a more discreet way.

Friends ‘to distribute’

Shakira, Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony or Paulina Rubio and Colate, who was even linked to Raquel, are part of her gang of friends in Miami. A group in which they were also at the time David Bisbal and Elena Tablada and that now they will continue to see in Spain, like Iker Casillas and Sara Carbonero; Antonio Carmona and Mariola Orellana; Marta Sánchez; Carola Baleztena or former minister José María Michavila.

Alejandro Sanz, Sergio Ramos, Marc Anthony
Friends, the most precious ‘good’ that remains to be shared / @ alejandrosanz

The friendship between Sanz and Perera and Bisbal y Tablada was such that her daughter’s godparents She is the interpreter of ‘Stepping Strong’ and her ex. The two singers used to go sailing almost daily while their partners enjoyed girlie plans that included attending the front row from Miami Fashion Week. The separation of the Almeria native and the designer was a convulsive moment for everyone. American media even said that the artists had broken their friendship due to the positioning of the interpreter of ‘Corazón partío’ in favor of Elena. Bisbal denied it, stating that with Sanz he had “A sibling relationship.”

Raquel Perera, Elena Tablada
After more than ten years, Raquel and Elena are still close / @ hellentablada

Elena and Raquel are still close. A day after his return to Spain, Sanz’s ex-wife visited her friend at her home where they shared a morning of confidences that was also reflected on their social networks. Perera published an image of their daughters and a brief message: “Encounters fulfilled.” “What we wanted from you, and now closer …welcome to your new life, it is all yours “, answered the ex of David Bisbal.

Iker Casillas and Sara Carbonero

The doorman and the journalist are also part of the circle of friends closest to Alejandro and Raquel. They also embark on a new path and have also returned to Madrid, so meetings with one and the other are assured. The affection between the four is evident, although Iker and Sara have shown their support for Sanz and Perera respectively, on their social networks.

The Mostoleño published a few days ago an image with the singer and bullfighter José Mari Manzanares recalling a fun evening, while Sara has already visited her friend this weekend, welcoming him with a bouquet of flowers, which Perera shared on his Instagram profile.

Antonio Carmona and Mariola, neutral

Everything indicates that the vocalist of ‘Ketama’ and his wife want to remain impartial in this divorce. Only a few days ago Mariola refused to talk about the separation from his friends, although he did make it clear that. “I love you both very much”. But her husband cannot forget that Alejandro and Raquel welcomed him six years ago precisely when their marriage went through a severe crisis, after 17 years of love. Antonio then traveled to Miami and settled in the couple’s mansion, which became his best support to cope with their marriage crisis.

The role of José María Michavila

Former Minister José María Michavila is a stalwart of Alejandro Sanz. Last February, while the singer was on tour in Chile, accompanied Rachel Valdés to the international contemporary art fair, ARCO, where the Cuban artist exhibited for the first time. Their friendship dates back to the 90s When they both met in an English course, from there Michavila has served as the singer’s lawyer and there is a great camaraderie between them.