Alejandro Sanz’s ex-wife fulfills the divorce agreement and returns to Madrid

A new stage begins in the life of Raquel Perera and her children, Dylan and Alma, who are already in Madrid where they have settled, weeks after she ratified the divorce agreement she has reached with her ex-husband, Alejandro Sanz. After a summer of struggle to finally reach the pact by which, among other points, have agreed that the children born during the marriage reside in Spain in order to grow close to his father. And so it has been fulfilled. Whatever road manager the artist of Cadiz origin landed in the capital a few days ago with the only company of his children. At the exit of the terminal they were picked up by a vehicle that took them to the town of Pozuelo de Alarcón, where they will reside and where the children will begin the school year.

Raquel upon arrival in Madrid with the only company of her children / Gtres

Despite the time difference with Miami and the long flight hours from the United States to our country, Raquel wanted to start preparing for this new stage without delay. That is why the three of them moved, together with a friend, to a shopping center where they made their first purchases. Although the separation has been a hard blow for her, she has always shown that she is a strong, positive woman and that she has made resilience her flag. Something that she confirmed with a nice message on her social networks full of feelings, to say goodbye to the city that has been her home for the last decade.

After several days preparing her new home and the beginning of the course for her children, Raquel has started to enjoy some unavoidable dates. And these are none other than the good times with her unconditional, her great friends who have been her sustenance during these twelve months that have elapsed since she and the interpreter of ‘Corazón partío’ announced their separation.

Raquel Perera, Elena Tablada
Once settled in Madrid, Raquel wanted to visit her great friend Elena Tablada, a «meeting accomplished» / Gtres

One of these good friends of the psychologist is Elena Tablada, and it is with her that she has shared one of these first reunions with her loved ones. Their friendship dates back to the times when the Cuban was dating David Bisbal, Despite their breakup, the two have continued to be friends. Perera wanted to share this meeting with her followers through her social networks with a tender image of Alma with Elena’s little daughter. “Encounters accomplished,” Raquel has written. “What desire we had from you, and now closer … welcome to your new life, it’s all yours,” replied the former Bisbal.