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The Italian Government shuffles New measures to contain the advance of the pandemic, which today left almost 11,000 new infections, the largest increase recorded in the crisis, although rule out general confinement like last spring.

Specifically, in the last 24 hours, Italy has notified 10,925 new coronavirus infections and 47 people have died, according to the last part published today by the Ministry of Health. The new infections are about 1,000 more than on Friday, although more diagnostic tests have also been carried out, a record of 165,837, confirming that the more you look for the virus, the more you find it.

This increase was not detected in the first wave, which reached its worst in March and April, although much less testing was being done then and, as a consequence, less positive.

In total in Italy they have already been infected 402,536 people since the beginning of the crisis, on February 21, with the first positive autochthonous cases, and of these 36,474 have lost their lives.

On the other hand, the number of hospitalized patients continues to increase: at the moment 7,322 patients are registered with Covid-19, 506 more than yesterday, and of these 705 they need intensive care, 67 more. The vast majority of the 116,935 infected are isolated in their homes with mild or no symptoms.

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New decree

Now, given these data, the Government is expected to meet on Saturday night to prepare a new decree with urgent measures with which to contain the pandemic, taking advantage of the fact that they must review the General Budgets, according to the media.

It would be a reinforcement of the measures adopted at the beginning of the week, when the closure of restaurants, bars and other establishments at midnight and I know banned private parties and contact sports hobbyist to stop the virus.

The new text should be published before Monday and the Minister of Health, Roberto Speranza, has dropped some ideas of things to come, such as continuing to promote the telematic work not to saturate the means of public transport, one of the great concerns.

The first Minister Giuseppe Conte It will foreseeably offer a press conference tomorrow Sunday to explain these new measures, according to Executive sources, and for the moment the media have been asked not to confuse the public with speculation.

The newspapers have been anticipating in the last hours greater limitations to establishments and gyms, for example, or possible curfews French-style, the latter one of the most talked about topics on Italian streets.

Several people with masks in Rome.

Several people with masks in Rome.


Confinement discarded

On the other hand, the Italian Prime Minister has persisted in the idea that there will be no new confinement like last March since they have equipped themselves with the means with which to combat it.

The first wave caught us obviously devoid because we did not even know the characteristics of the enemy, “he said in a ceremony in Genoa, underlining that at that time Italy did not have masks, respirators or diagnostic tests.

Today things have changed, the country has endowed itself with more intensive care places, performs an average of 150,000 daily tests and produces and obtains safety devices.

This allows, he explained, “to face this wave with a different, new strategy, which no longer provides for confinement” but requested the collaboration of citizens: “You have to protect yourself“he urged.

Along the same lines, the emergency commissioner, Domenico Arcuri, assured that for the moment the country “is not in a dramatic phase” but he requested the collaboration of the Italians, at the end of a meeting with the regions in the Roman headquarters of the Civil Protection.

“We are facing a second wave with very different characteristics from the first. Therefore no scaremongering but it is necessary for everyone to help us because the more responsible the Italians are, the less we will have to take drastic measures “, warned the commissioner.

Measures in the regions

The authorities are closely following the evolution of the pandemic in two regions especially: Lombardy (north), the epicenter since the beginning of the crisis and accumulated 2,664 of the new infections on the last day, and Campania (south), with 1,410 new patients.

In the first one, his capital is especially concerned, Milan, and a new ordinance has already been approved that prohibits restaurants and pizzerias from opening until after midnight, eating or drinking on the street at night, closes bingo halls and gaming halls and prohibits non-professional sports games, among other things.

In the second, with capital in Naples, all schools have been closed until October 30 due to the rapid increase in infections, a decision criticized from the central government, although the opening of nurseries has been allowed. A curfew during the night of October 31 to prevent the celebration of Halloween.

Criticism and concern

This Saturday criticism arose from the powerful employer Confindustria and its president Carlo Bonomi, although he exonerated the Government of the management of the first wave of the crisis, he blamed it for not being prepared for this new scenario.

“Unfortunately we are still in an emergency, we have not left yet (…) We suspected a new wave but what has been done? Two thirds of the mobilized economic resources have still been used. Maybe something has not worked“, he lamented from a forum with young entrepreneurs.