An 84-year-old man murders his wife at his home in Puente de Vallecas

The National Police investigates the death this Sunday of an old woman by a knife at her home in Puente de Vallecas (Madrid), allegedly at the hands of her husband who also apparently had self-inflicted wounds, according to police sources.

The corpse of the 82-year-old woman, a Spanish national, was found this Sunday at 10.30 am at her home at number 4 Benadalid Street in Puente de Vallecas, in what could be the first sexist murder of the year in the Community of Madrid.

The woman had several stab wounds caused by a knife to the abdomen and chest at the level of the heart. Doctors could only confirm his death.

Neighbors were the ones who alerted 112 that they had not heard from the marriage for a long time, according to sources from Emergencias 112 Comunidad de Madrid.

Her 84-year-old husband was also at the scene with apparently self-inflicted injuries to the abdomen. He was transferred with a very serious prognosis to the Gregorio Marañón Hospital.

The man is hospitalized as a detainee for the homicide, according to these same sources.

Citizen Security signs that have cordoned off the area and the Group of Violent Crimes of the Scientific Police Brigade have been transferred to the scene of the events to carry out a technical police inspection of the scene.

Group VI of Homicides of the Judicial Police Brigade investigates what happened and the first hypotheses point out that it is a sexist crime, the first of the year in the Community of Madrid.

It is the second violent death in the region after the homicide last Friday morning of a man on Alhambra Street in the Latina district after a fight, but the first of the year due to sexist violence.