Ana Obregón draws strength from where it does not have it after the death of Álex Lequio for an important reason

Since she buried her son Aless Lequio on May 16, Ana Obregón She decided to stay in her house in La Moraleja (Madrid) clinging to the memories that keep her four walls to -very little by little- overcome the mourning for the death of the person she loved the most in this world. During these weeks she has been receiving visits from her relatives, as well as from Alessandro Lequio and María Palacios, to wrap her up in this bitter moment. The actress did not want to leave home at all, but she has made an exception and has returned to her daily life thanks to a very special plan: his mother’s birthday celebration.

Amalia García Obregón / Gtres

A few days ago, none of Ana María’s children missed the matriarch’s home in Madrid at six o’clock in the afternoon. Not even Ana, who drew strength from weakness to be with her mother on a day that turned out to be tremendously emotional. Yes, was not seen at any time. She did not want to be photographed and moved to her parents’ home camouflaged in one of the several vehicles that accessed the house.

Juancho García Obregón with his wife, Javier, Amelia and Celia arrived in their respective cars. All of them had collaborated in organizing a snack for Ana María to blow out her birthday candles. A celebration in which none had too much desire to celebrate (excuse the redundancy) because it is the first without the presence of Aless Lequio, a regular every year at his grandparents’ house.

Ana Obregón draws strength from where she does not have it for an important reason
Instagram Aless Lequio

In another car, driven by a chauffeur, and hidden in the back, Ana also arrived, who has not left her home since her son’s burial only to pray to him in the cemetery, where she continues to go frequently. However, the bond that Ana Obregón maintains with her parents is so close and special that she couldn’t stop being next to her mother on a day like this.

Javier García Obregón
Javier García Obregón, leaving his parents’ house / Gtres

After nine o’clock at night, the whole family left the García Obregón residence in the same way. Ana was doing the same thing as when she entered, hidden in a vehicle. It was a difficult new day for her, which adds to the sadness added by the loss of her dog Luna, who she fired on Instagram with a heartbreaking message that measured the painful situation in which she finds herself.