Ana Rosa Quintana thanks Susana Griso for her words

Sometimes social media can become a platform full of hate and hurtful comments. Last monday, Ana Rosa Quintana He was returning from his traditional ones that usually happen in Sotogrande -a luxurious urbanization located in Cádiz-, when he received numerous negative criticisms before his new change of look. The presenter took command of the new season of Ana Rosa’s program sporting a straight midi hair and a fringe. Has been Susana Griso, a colleague by profession and her eternal rival in the morning – since they belong to different chains – who has stood up to what happened by Ana Rosa Quintana.

Ana Rosa Quintana with her new look / Telecinco change

«ORna companion of mine, it is not necessary to say the name, she has been insulted and someone has echoed those insults to make her a headline», He began by explaining last Friday in his program, Public mirror. “And it seems that it was a newspaper headline: that if the botox, that if it resembles Menganita”, he continued saying in relation to the similarity between Ana Rosa Quintana and Esperanza Gracia. This is journalism? Who decides to encapsulate that shit, excuse me, and make it a headline? Those who are called journalists, who believe that this is news because it gives them clicks, “he said. quite upset with what happened.

Susana Griso
Susana Griso in a file image / Gtres

Now it has been the presenter of Mediaset who has wanted to step forward and thank Susana Griso for these words. «We have talked about the image and I am going to thank my partner Susanna Griso who came out the other day … I also tell you, what they say on Twitter about my hairstyle touches my nose, I do not care, but I thank you very much for your words”, Ana Rosa expressed without wanting to give much more importance to those who commented on her new image change.

Ana Rosa Quintana
Ana Rosa Quintana in her program on September 8, 2020 / Telecinco

However, days later, the main theme of The Ana Rosa program changed her look again, parting her bangs. The hair was even collected days after the numerous criticisms that were poured on her through social networks such as Twitter. A situation that the presenter had never experienced, because when she returns to work, she usually reappears with a new change, both in her hair and in the color palette she uses for her make up.