Ana Soria’s ex-boyfriend shows his face: “We broke up in 2019 and I already knew he had a friendship with a bullfighter”

Ana Soria Little by little, he is becoming a star in the firmament of the social chronicle. His relationship with Enrique Ponce arouses a constant news storm. No one is indifferent to what is already the romance of summer. And there is someone who knows the young woman from Almería very, very well and who has wanted to present herself to the media: her ex-boyfriend. Her name is Joaquín Giménez, 25 years old, is a native of Campohermoso (Almería) and graduated in Labor Relations.

The Andalusian shared 8 months of her life with Ana Soria, specifically from autumn 2018 to summer 2019. Enough time to get to know her well. Both met while studying in Granada. From the flirtation she went to love and sharing their lives, but their relationship could not continue due to differences between them. Now, Joaquín becomes the protagonist by granting an interview to the journalist of ‘Esdiario’ Jesús Manuel Ruiz.

The ex-boyfriend of Ana Soria / Telecinco

The relaxed chat between them was held in Agua Amarga, in the natural setting of Cabo de Gata. There, this young man with a sculpted body has broken his silence despite the fact that Ana asked him please not to comment publicly on his relationship with Enrique Ponce. Perhaps it is the desire -recognized by himself- to participate in a television reality show like “Survivors” or in “Women and Men and Vice Versa”, Joaquín Giménez has wanted to show his head. And he has done it with a testimony that can bring a lot of queue.

The handsome Almerian assures that «Ana and I broke up in July 2019. At that time I knew that my partner had a friendship with a bullfighter. I didn’t know who he was, but she told me he was an older bullfighter ». Here is the controversy because it must be remembered that Enrique Ponce has always maintained that he has known Ana Soria for approximately 8 months, which would take us to December 2019. However, Joaquín’s version is opposed to that of the Valencian bullfighter and points that he would already have at least one friendship with Ana Soria since last summer.

Enrique Ponce and Ana Soria
Enrique Ponce and Ana Soria / Telecinco

Meanwhile, Ana Soria and Enrique Ponce continue to live their love story with intensity. The bullfighter is fully integrated into his partner’s family, something that Joaquín Giménez could not achieve. This weekend we will have to be very aware of them as a new bullfighting season begins with a celebration in the Plaza de Osuna (Seville), where it is pointed out that Soria could be in the stands, witnessing the first run of his brand-

And attention to the last publication that Ana Soria has dedicated to Enrique Ponce. A flag love.