Anabel Pantoja premieres in ‘Sola’, from her great anger at the effort of the first tests

He has only been inside what will be his home in the next few days, but they have been more than enough for Anabel Pantoja you have experienced a large number of emotions that, of course, you have not hesitated to express. Emotion, fear, joy … The businesswoman went through almost every state, even that of anger when she discovered that a very important element was missing in the small apartment.

Anabel Pantoja is already used to her new home / Telecinco

“Is there no bed?”asked Isabel Pantoja’s niece with great surprise when she discovered that the program had decided that the tenants should sleep on a sofa. «This was very nice to me. I already tell you that I’m not going to work … Here you need a mattress, not a sofa. “Not that way! I don’t rest well with these slits. This is very good to spend a single night … I already knew that there was a trap and cardboard here, “she said, very indignant.

The young woman’s displeasure did not end there, and when she approached the refrigerator she not only discovered that it was empty, but that the only thing she had to eat is a vegetable that, from what she said, she does not like anything at all. What the hell is this? A cauliflower? Why do you bring me a cauliflower, if I don’t eat cauliflower? ”He wondered while making expressions of disgust with his face.

Despite these two bad moments, the truth is that in these hours Anabel has caused a furor, so much so that she has become the protagonist of social networks, where everyone has commented on her premiere in ‘Sola’ and has turned her into a Meme . The surprise of his cousins, Kiko Rivera and Isa Pantoja or the opening of his suitcase, loaded with food, have been two of the most talked about topics.

Anabel Pantoja
Anabel Pantoja has a challenge: to get in shape with the help of a personal trainer and a nutritionist / Telecinco

But also his first training with your personal trainer, Ivan, and his first session with your nutritionist, the former of ‘GH 14’ Álvaro Vargas, with whom he opened up and talked about his relationship with food and his body. «When I lost so much weight, my skin fell so much on my belly that it is not only filled with fat, but also with skin that has fallen off, as in the thighs, that I brush them. When I was chubby it brushed against me and now because of the sagging skin I continue to touch myself », she was sincere, recognizing that she knew that she should put herself in the hands of a surgeon to tackle the problem.

At the moment, in his mind is the goal of get fit and take care of himself again, something he put a bit aside when the quarantine began. If Anabel Pantoja has shown something over time, it is that she is a very strong woman and she is sure to achieve it. Cheer up!