Andrea was unfaithful to Oscar with Ishmael

Last debate of ‘The island of temptations’ has been loaded with great surprises. The great asset of the night, in theory, was the reunion between Susana and Gonzalo. However, this story was eclipsed face to face between Andrea and Ishmael. The ex-partner reappeared to look into her eyes and settle pending bills. In the meantime, he finally revealed the truth and this could not be more surprising and unexpected: Andrea has already been unfaithful to Oscar and has been with Ishmael. Incredible but true.

In a tense face to face, the ex-partner began to take out dirty rags and in an outburst Ismael said he had spent up to two nights with Andrea. The "princess" began denying it to later admit it although with nuances: "we spent the night together but nothing happened." His ex played ambiguity: “I'm going to give you a coat: we spend the night together. What happened will not tell ”. After those statements began a rifirrafe and a crossing of accusations that ended in the worst way, with Ishmael admitting they lay down together. The revelation left Oscar ice cream.

Andrea and Óscar break live

Upon hearing the confessions of Andrea and Ishmael, Oscar was very surprised and angry: “You didn't know this. You told me that he slept in your house but not that you slept together ”. Andrea, more and more nervous, was giving one version after another and none convincing. In the end the Malaga decided to break the relationship live.