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The leader of the French extreme right, Marine Le Pen, he intends to fight again for the Presidency of the Republic in 2022, which would be his third attempt to access the Elysee Palace, he announced Thursday.

"My intention is to go towards a national unity project with a great unifying project that can bring all the French together, wherever they come from, with an alternation project for the country to recover," Le Pen said in a meeting with journalists.

At just over two years for the elections, Le Pen becomes the first candidate to show her willingness to participate in the presidential elections. In the last of 2017 it was the main adversary of the winner, Emmanuel Macron.

"Will to win"

The president of National Association (RN, former National Front) thus ends the rumors about his political death and ensures that in his party there is "no doubt about his will to win."

Your application must be validated in 2021 at a national congress of the RN. Inside there are still no candidates who can stand up to Le Pen's proposal, especially after the departure of whoever was his "number two" until the 2017 elections, Florian Philippot, which created another party, and the departure of his niece, Marion Maréchal.

A member of the party close to Le Pen indicated on the BFM TV channel that his intention is to face Macron again in a duel of nationalists against World Cups. According to this same source, Le Pen and his team will prepare throughout the year the project they will present for the presidential elections.