Antonia Dell’Atte charges against everyone after the broadcast of ‘Ties of Blood’

If Ana Obregón was the protagonist of the return of ‘Hormigas Blancas’, from Telecinco, this Monday, her TVE simile, ‘Lazos de Sangre’, has given prominence to a woman with whom she has a lot to do, Antonia Dell’Atte. With her usual sincerity, the model has solved one of the mysteries of recent times, the absence of his son Clemente at the funeral of his paternal brother, Álex Lequio, a loss that hurt him greatly. “He has lived it as a wasted time that he would have liked to be able to recover. “He protects you and if you have loved him he beats inside you,” I have told him, “she assured, and it is that her son would have loved that their relationship was greater.

Antonia Dell’Atte during ‘Blood Ties / TVE

«My son was not invited to Álex Lequio’s funeral«, he pronounces bluntly during the documentary, in which he adds that it was she, and not Alessandro, who told Clemente that there was a mass, something he has criticized. In spite of everything, the musician wanted to be present in some way and wrote a letter “that was neither read nor named. I think Alessandro did not bring any relatives, “continues Antonia, upset by this treatment.

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Dear Aless, It fills me with sadness that I cannot be present for this tribute that all your loved ones have wanted to organize in your honor. I wanted to write you some words, not only to send you my love, but also to try to give a positive message to all those like your mother, our father, your relatives, your girlfriend, your friends and all the people who are devastated. Aless, you left this earthly and material life to go to a metaphysical and spiritual world that only wonderful people like you deserve to be. Saying that you are our angel and that you are protecting us is reductive. You are with us, in our minds and in our hearts. You are currently in Madrid and at the same time with me in Miami or anywhere else in the world to be with whoever you want, to laugh with us or to try to cheer up those who have cried so much to you and are still crying to you. We feel your presence Aless and you are much more than an angel because you continue and will continue to be the son for your parents, the friend for your friends and, now more than ever, my brother. You did not discreetly leave this world but roared like an authentic lion to deliver your great message of bravery, courage, love and hope and this, dear Aless, is worth more than any feat that all of us common mortal beings on this earth have accomplished or we try to comply. Now I hope that we can all learn from what you have taught us to love each other and enjoy the small, simple and unrepeatable moments that life gives us. In the end, whatever it is, I know you’ll be with all of us. Like you there is nobody. I love you Your brother, Clemente

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For her, Álex’s death was also painful and she wanted to give her condolences to the young man’s parents with messages that have never been answered. «Ana will always have my solidarity… The same day I dedicated a song to her on Instagram, ‘The shadow of the light’, that child will finally find the light, happened on May 13, the day of the Virgin Fatima, and it is no coincidence ».

Unhappy with the result of the program

This Thursday, after the broadcast of the program, Antonia Dell’Atte has said ‘good morning’ to everyone with a harsh criticism of ‘Blood Ties’, against whom she charges in her latest Instagram post for having’ cut all my interview”. “The time has come to call things by their names”begins the Italian, who takes advantage of the text to make several things clear, first that her father has never “mistreated her” despite being “a weak and violent father” and then that “the devilish abuser who has mistreated and denounced me in Spain, and I have been the first to say it, His name is Alessandro Lequio Di Assaba«.

A harsh attack on the father of his son that does not end there, as he also blames the press for hiding the truth “disguising it as lies” and make up “a triangle (loving) that did not exist to hide and manipulate a truth ».

Antonia Dell'Atte
Antonia Dell’Atte has charged against everyone after the broadcast of the program / TVE

It is just later, when Antonia directly carries the ones she calls “Accomplices of my executioner”, Rosa VIllacastín, who assures her that she is “disgusted”, Beatriz Cortázar and Boris Izaguirre, whom she calls “Pinocchio” for knowing the truth and keeping silent. «María Eugenia Yagüe who knows and is silent too and everything # MediasetEspaña qué protect a true abuser … », follow.

“‘Blood Ties’ has lied and cut many truths .. To all the accomplices of my executioner, God will hold you accountable … You do not touch innocent, pure and healthy women like me!”, Concludes forcefully Antonia Dell’Atte , opening the door to an issue that aims to give much to talk about.