Antonio David cornered by Rocío Carrasco and forced to pay 80,000 euros

The judge has dismissed two of the three appeals filed by her lawyer to avoid leaving Big Brother and paying bail

The plans of Antonio David They have not gone well at all. After a few weeks after entering the house of Big Brother Vip the judge of Instruction number 2 of Alcobendas, at the request of his ex-wife, Rocío Carrasco, he decreed that he had to appear in court to collect the summons of oral trial for lifting property and deposit a deposit of 80,000 euros in less than 24 hours, he filed three remedies to avoid this end, and now two of them have been answered .

His lawyer's strategy to appeal the decision to pay such a large bond or the request to delay the process alleging that he was working on Big Brother Vip have gone as expected. Both have been completely rejected by the Judge, but at least they have allowed him to save time and accumulate weeks in the house which translates into money for when the day comes to face the payment.

At the moment nothing is final because there are more resources and each of them has its deadlines for submission and response. The program is already in the final stretch and Antonio David, for now, continues without being practically nominated by his teammates. It seems that the deadlines will finally allow you to finish the contest, but once outside, you will have to do yes or yes in the face of the complicated situation that awaits you.

If I had to leave the house to go to court, I could put in check the desire that Rocío Flores has shown his intention to reconcile in the future with his mother, because what is evident is that right now he feels much closer to Antonio David with whom he has lived the same years that he has not spoken with his mother, seven.