Antonio David Flores: His Black Week

It has been a complicated week for Antonio David Flores. When the former Civil Guard enjoyed a moment of boom on television and had the majority of the audience captivated, the current situation places him in the limelight and not exactly for the better. After his return to the small screen in September of last year as a surprise signing of GH VIP and, above all, after his daughter Rocío accompanied him on that project from the set as a defender of his performance in reality, the Malaga man has given plenty samples of mastering speech and moving like a fish in water in front of the camera. Of easy verb, forcefulness in his assertions and a leading role acquired when he began a courtship with Rocío Carrasco that would end in a wedding in March 1996 and in divorce three years later, Antonio David stomp on the sets. 25 years have passed. It is her job, she lives from it and, of course, she strives to give content and a good show. Another thing is life outside.

A series of statements by way of crossfire between him and the youngest daughter of María Teresa Campos, including a poisoned mention of the brother by the father of Terelu and Carmen, were the beginning of su most complicated week in a long time that has then lasted 7 days. Carmen Borrego named her daughter and he came to her defense, also attacking where it hurt the most.

Later, several women, unknown to the audience, appeared betraying him as an unfaithful husband. Presumably, so be it. It will be necessary to see if it is true what these supposed endearing say, but the truth is that he has not spoken of anything else all week. (Apart from Terelu and Carmen Borrego’s father’s brother). He will know if it is just an opportunistic invention or not. The most affected in this story is, without a doubt, Olga his wife, your unconditional support in recent years.

Olga Moreno and Antonio David Flores in a file image / Gtres

Antonio David himself told Jorge Javier this Thursday that he is concerned that such a flood of talkative young ladies take your marriage ahead. The next day, this Friday, his daughter Rocío exploded before the cameras and sang a sense that is enough in defense of the father and, above all, of Olga, who once again stood out as the person who has raised her “despite whom she I weighed”. Visibly affected, Rocío Flores I asked for all speculation to cease against the marriage of his father and Olga.

The young woman defends the strength of the couple and assures that no one is going to break her family “because have struggled with much tougher situations and difficult ”. Rocío assures that she sees Olga destroyed and her father, badly. She also referred to her younger siblings, especially Olga’s daughter, and added that she was not going to allow them to break up her family because he doesn’t want his little sister to live in an unstructured like the one she had to live. Antonio David, on set, listened to his daughter’s words until he decided to seriously abandon television studies. Jorge Javier could not convince him and preferred to cut the unpleasant moment that he saw his daughter was going through.

Dew flowers
Rocío Flores, very excited during her speech in ‘Sálvame’ / Telecinco

The lie has very short legs, they say, so if the encounters that these two women claim to have had with the man from Malaga is just an invention, it will be proven. Protagonism vs. troubled marriage – as he himself pointed out when talking about distance between them. It has been a black week that got even more complicated by legal proceedings that are progressing. ‘Readings’ reported on a recent Lawsuit by his ex-wife for questioning her role as a mother; A judge urges him again to post 80,000 euros in bail, after rejecting the appeals filed by Flores, as a guarantee to cover the debt he has with his ex-wife Rocío Carrasco for non-payment of alimony. It sounds old, really. It’s been more than 20 years since they parted, but the matter is still pending. The legal requirement, which is mandatory, indicated a period of 5 days to deposit it. This Monday you must respond and if you decide not to deposit the aforementioned amount, a seizure procedure against your property or income.

Antonio David Flores, Rocío Carrasco
Antonio David Flores and Rocío Carrasco made many headlines when they were a couple, but even more when they broke up / Gtres

Antonio David Flores says that Carmen Borrego is the wrong enemy and I agree. Borrego is wrong to freely express his opinion on an alleged Rocío Flores’s impossibility of reconciliation with his mother, Rocío Carrasco, after their breakup in July 2012. His words do a disservice to both mother and daughter, who avoid publicly speaking about their breakup. Flores executed an eye for an eye in defense of the one who is also his daughter and has destabilized the Campos, but he also did not count on the scandal of the alleged extramarital encounters that they exposed him live in Sálvame. Other weeks will come, maybe better, but these last two have been black.