Antonio Orozco excitedly tells the curious reason why he has a framed Plantinum card

Antonio OrozcoLike the rest of the Spanish, he has been confined throughout the state of alarm. She has had time to compose music, as well as show the wonderful relationship she has with her son.–Which already points out ways in music–, but has also launched solidarity actions to accompany those people who are having a hard time during the Covid-19 pandemic. “For me, spending so much time at home has allowed me share time with my son, mornings, afternoons, nights, something that probably would never have lived had it not been for a situation like this. So although there are many bad things, you also have to extract positive things«, Explained the composer.

Orozco has launched an initiative through his Instagram profile that he has called ‘Chain of Favors’ and, every day, at 11 p.m. he connects with his followers to give good news and put a spark of optimism in these difficult times. Why is the connection 23:00? Orozco himself explained it when he began to make the connections: “Eleven o’clock at night is a rather conflictive hour, it is when nostalgia and fears come out. It is when we need more help. So we seek to create a chain of favors to accompany those who need it. “

Singer Antonio Orozco in stock image / Gtres

During these connections on social networks, the composer and singer has revealed many anecdotes about his work and his daily life, some of them, without a doubt, very curious and has to do with the name of the initiative. The concept we know as ‘chain of favors’ – ‘pay it forward ’, in English – was popularized by writer Catherine Ryan Hyde and consists of do little things, small actions, which, of course, will positively impact, not only in the society in which we live, but also in our own lives.

For this reason, and in connection with this concept, Orozco has recalled an emotional anecdote about a card American Express Platinum because, he explained, what at first glance seems ordinary, without importance, contains great emotion. According to the artist, this card is framed because “We should never forget where we come from.”

Antonio Orozco

Orozco says, in this sense, that during a bad streak in 2008, at which time he traveled a lot for his work and in economy class, a great friend gave him this business card. American express that, among other aspects, allows access to areas to rest inside airports and keep up with the rhythm of concerts in a healthier and more relaxed way. “My financial situation was not good, but thanks to work everything was better. I traveled from one place to another in economy class, without much rest, ”he reported on Instagram.

That for the musician, as we can extract from his words, was a balm for his fatigue and his life because it allowed him to perform more on stage. So, he explained, this card that has framed “I teach it to my son every day and I tell him the importance of never forgetting these things.”

Sometimes it is necessary to look from time to time you have to look back to move forward. After all, life is made up of anecdotes that allow us to learn and grow as a person. For this reason, a card, which a priori looks like an element that is simply in our portfolio or in a frame, becomes a symbol that reminds us that we all need each other at some point.