Arrested a couple in Almassora (Castellón) for mistreating a 10-month-old baby

The Valencia Civil Guard has arrested a couple from the municipality of Almassora (Castellón) accused of mistreating their 10-month-old baby who has been left clinically dead after a brutal beating. The father, 20, and the mother, 17, They have been brought to justice after the terrible event became known.

The events occurred last Sunday in this small municipality of Castellón when members of the medical service alerted the authorities of a possible case of assault on the minor. The baby, ten months old, He was transferred seriously to the General Hospital of Castellón and at the moment some local media point out that he is in clinical death after his father will beat him violently against the bars of the crib.

The father has been transferred to the police station and is currently in custody awaiting his statement. For his part, the mother, still a minor,. has been admitted to a juvenile center as a possible accomplice of this aggression to your baby.

Both are accused of a serious assault in the family environment, and we will have to wait for the first statements to know for sure what happened between this couple and their baby in Almassora.