Arrested a minor for attacking an old woman to steal her jewelry from her house

The Civil Guard has managed to arrest a minor of 16 from Callosa de Segura (Alicante), accused of trying to steal the jewelry from an old woman of 85 entering the woman’s house. According to the police report, the young woman has several crimes using the same modus operandi a couple of years ago in the Alicante town of Torrevieja.

The facts go back to May 2, when the victim was at home alone. A ringing of the bell caused the woman to open the door and find the minor who asked for a glass of water. Once the old woman turned around, the young woman pushed her violently into the house, and took advantage of a fall of the victim to rummage through the house and take the jewelry.

The victim was able to get up minutes later to go to the health center where they treated him for an injury he had suffered in his right shoulder. The Civil Guard went subsequently to the woman’s home to take her statement and thus begin an investigation.

Investigation that has led them to the author of the crime. The viewing of several security cameras in the town for two weeks, finally found the whereabouts of the young woman who was arrested last Monday 18 accused of robbery with violence.