Arrested a passenger of an airplane after tearing a piece of the ear of another

Mid-flight incident. The Civil Guard has had to detain this week a 29-year-old man of British nationality after pulling out a piece of his ear through a bite. It is a plane bound for Palma de Mallorca.

The incident has been recorded in the night from Thursday to Friday and until now it had not been reported to the media. La Benemérita arrested the alleged aggressor for the crime of injuries in the plane’s cabin. These agents stationed in Son Sant Joan were requested by the workers of the airline that managed the flight from Birmingham (England) because a passenger who had had a conflictive behavior during a flight to Palma, has informed the armed institute in a press release.

Alcohol theft

After the crew denied him alcoholic beverages during the flight, the passenger, in an obvious state of drunkenness, ignored the directions of the crew, tried to open the beverage compartment of the plane and He even drank the drink that he took from another passenger.

While the Civil Guard troops collected all the data on what happened throughout the flight, talking to the purser on the plane’s steps, they noticed a fight that was taking place inside the plane. Upon entering they found the young man attacking another passenger, whom His right ear had been partially bitten off. So the subject was reduced and immobilized by the civil guards to proceed to their arrest.

Agents served

The victim, a compatriot of the detainee, was transferred to a clinic in Palma where he stayed joined for the wounds he presented. The story did not finish there. For their part, the agents who intervened also had to be treated, although at the same airport for minor injuries in the struggle with the drunk man.

The Civil Guard is the one that intervenes in this type of event, which they are not very frequent, being responsible for security and public order in all facilities in the restricted area of ​​airports, as well as inside the aircraft both arrival and departure, explains the armed institute in the note. The agents they take minutes of what happened in each case and, if necessary, they arrest the person responsible, as happened last Thursday at the Palma airfield, the capital of the Balearic Islands.