Arrested for desecrating the grave of a friend who did not believe he had died

A neighbor of the town of Calatayud, Zaragoza, who responds to the name of Carlos, has been arrested by the police when it was shown that he desecrated a grave from the cemetery of that locality. Everything goes back to 2015, when José Luis J.S., also a neighbor of the town, died and he was buried in the cemetery without the family announcing his death and without performing a mass or wake.

From that moment on, many rumors began circulating in Calatayud about the possibility that José Luis would not have really died. ISome people even said they could see him in Zaragoza walking quietly. It was then that Carlos, friend of the deceased wanted to prove that his partner had really died. He slipped into the cemetery, and broke the tombstone and part of the coffin to verify that there was the body of José Luis.

Carlos took pictures and sent them to the rest of the group, certifying the death of his partner. The Police, after an investigation, suspected that Carlos had been there and arrested him. The desecrator confessed what happened weeks later, since the funeral members themselves believed that the tombstone had thrown the wind. Carlos has had his trial this past Wednesday, and he hopes that the penalty is not very serious since he did it to know the truth about his friend.