Arrested for dragging a dog with his car after a traffic argument with his owners

Agents of the National Police have arrested in Alicante a man of about 29 years of age for allegedly running over a dog and dragging it about 50 meters with his car after having a traffic discussion with its owners. He is accused of an alleged crime against flora, fauna and domestic animals.

The events occurred when a group of family and friends who were out for a walk prepared to cross a street through a pedestrian crossing. One of them stopped in the middle to make it easier for the whole group to pass, which also included a girl and a dog, the Headquarters explained in a statement.

Apparently, at that moment, the driver of a vehicle stopped his march and, seeing that he could not continue, began to make offensive gestures with his hands. One of the pedestrians reproached the driver for his attitude, after which he allegedly gave a loud acceleration and advanced with his vehicle with the alleged intention of attacking them.

In fear of being run over, the pedestrians who were going to cross the road quickly moved away, a moment that the driver took the opportunity to continue on his way at full speed.

On the run, the dog’s leash apparently got caught in the vehicle, causing the Staffordshire bull terrier, weighing about 12 kilos, to be dragged almost 50 meters until the leash came loose in a I turn the vehicle.

The animal was badly injured on the road, while the driver continued his march at full speed, it seems that by skipping several red lights and “putting the lives of pedestrians at risk, not stopping at any time despite the shouts of all those who were there, ”explained the National Police.

Several witnesses who were at the scene managed to take a photograph of the vehicle in which the make and model could be seen. Another witness provided the license plate number incompletely.

With all the information provided, the agents of the Investigation Group of the Northern District Police Station managed to locate the vehicle and identify the driver and the alleged perpetrator of the events. They arrested him for an alleged crime against flora, fauna and domestic animals.

The detainee, in his statement to the agents, said that after the altercation with these people, he hurriedly continued his march since he was scared when he observed through the rear-view mirror that several people were running after him, without noticing at any time that he had run over the animal.

The dog, named Oscar, after being assisted in a veterinary center for possible injuries caused after the accident, was admitted for observation and is currently at home recovering with their owners.

Of everything that happened, the Court of Instruction of the Guard of the city of Alicante was informed. This type of crime underwent a reform of the Penal Code by Organic Law 15/2003 and was intensified by LO 1/2015, also extending it to domestic and similar animals.