Arrested for killing the neighbor’s dog with a shotgun blast

The Civil Guard of Cantabria has arrested a 59-year-old man accused of killing his neighbor’s dog with a shotgun. The man, a native of Villanueva de Villaescusa, where the altercation took place, is accused by the authorities of a crime of animal abuse after shooting the dog causing death on the spot.

The facts date from the past September 6th in this small Cantabrian town. Apparently, the dog was on the public highway of the municipality where its owner lives. According to some neighbors who knew the dog and its owner, it was not a dog for which there were noise complaints nor of attacks on anyone, so what happened in the town was very surprising.

Around the 22:00 hours what could be a shot was heard and a few minutes later the owner of the animal located it in the middle of the dead street and next to what looked like shotgun shells. The animal had impacts on one of its sides that caused its death on the spot.

After this, the owner of the dog reported what happened to the police, and the Civil Guard of Astillero, a nearby town, took over the investigation. According to the first police report of the agents, the 8-year-old dog died on the spot due to the impact of the shot since he could not travel practically space after suffering the impact. With the clues that could be collected and some testimonies from people who heard the shot, the Civil Guard targeted a neighbor who lived near where the shot occurred and that it could be the cause of the murder.

The agents later discovered that two days after the incident occurred in this Cantabrian town, the neighbor went to a Santander police station and handed over four shotgun-type weapons of a deceased relative in the Intervention of Weapons and Explosives of the Santander Civil Guard.

With all these data, added to some people who pointed to the neighbor as the alleged perpetrator of the events, the Civil Guard arrested this neighbor of the town last Monday to bring him to justice for a crime of animal abuse.

In addition, as stated in the Civil Guard car, the man could also be charged with illegal possession of weapons not having regulatory papers for the four shotguns that he delivered to the command. One of them would be the weapon with the, presumably he shot the neighbor’s dog, which he killed.

The defendant had all these weapons, which he alleged were from a deceased relative, for more than four months at home, lacking a license for her. In the next few days a statement will be taken from the man and the judge will determine the corresponding sanction that could entail a fine for killing a domestic animal on public roads. At the moment nothing more is known about the identity of the detainee in Cantabria.