Arrested for mistreating two dogs who did not give food or water

The Valencian Generalitat Police has arrested a person for mistreating two dogs at his home in Castellón. Thus, during the performance of an ordinary service, he identified a person who was keeping two dogs in his home in an “alarming” state of malnutrition and unhealthiness.

To the extreme dirtiness of the place where the two dogs were, surrounded by excrement, it is added that it lacked light and the two dogs had no containers for water or food.

The agents proceeded to arrest the owner of the dogs, about whom there was already a judicial claim for other matters.

The police officers who participated in the operation assisted the animals by first providing them with water and some food that was provided by a neighbor. Subsequently, they contacted the Local Police to transfer them to an animal protection center.

Animal abuse is a crime. No animal deserves an end of these characteristics, be they newborns or adults, dogs and cats should be cared for as pets with all possible respect. Puppies are part of a practice that must be eradicated and punished, not sterilizing the female dogs and choosing to dispose of the newborns by drowning them or throwing them away.