Arrested in Tenerife 'the punisher', the greatest hitman of the Scottish Mafia

At just 1’70 tall and 39, John Kennedy was one of the main objectives of the National Crime Agency (NCA), the British equivalent of the FBI, which charges him with a minimum of two murders although his participation in many more is investigated.

Kennedy ‘The Punisher’ committed his first crime with only 26 years in 2006 when he broke into a police station in the Scottish town of Glasgow, leading a command that sought to free one of his organization's members by fatally firing at one of the policemen who confronted the gangsters. Ten years later, in 2016, along with several accomplices shot another British policeman. To avoid his arrest for these events, in 2018 he set two vehicles on fire and managed to flee. Those are the reasons for the current European Detention and Delivery Order issued by the British authorities, although a deeper investigation awaits him in his country that links him to more murders of organized crime, in addition to belonging to a criminal organization and injuries in adjustments of accounts.

The investigation of the group of international fugitives of the General Judicial Police Station started in summer, when the British police alerted the National Police about your possible whereabouts in Spain. Thus the fugitive was located in the south of the island of Tenerife, in Adeje, where he tried to go unnoticed among the large Scottish community that resides there. The National Police set up a surveillance operation that paid off three days later when they detected Kennedy's home. Listed as armed and very dangerous by the British, the Spanish police waited for the most propitious time to stop him unarmed and avoid a complicated detention. So, as you can see in these images published by OKDIARIO Fugitive group agents surprised the offender when he went out shopping in a supermarket dressed only in a swimsuit and flip flops without any chance of hiding a firearm.

After identifying the detainee and his female companion, John was asked if he agreed to be extradited to United Kingdom for the serious crimes for which he was sought, to which the subject responded with laughter and with absolute coldness of course. There his wife and legal assistance awaits him. Meanwhile in Tenerife, following the advice of the British police, a special device was established at the police station to prevent their accomplices from attempting to repeat the assault on police units to free the alleged leader of the band's hit men.

Now John is already on British soil. The operation remains open and there have been arrests in the United Kingdom of three other members of the same criminal organization. The same organization that the Spanish police suspects that allegedly cost their alleged hitman the apartment in Adeje and sent him money for support through third parties without arousing suspicion. Without any work or declared occupation, the police suspect that the detainee was the guardian of "nurseries" or premises where the organization hid small drug stores to start an incipient trapping of narcotic substances on the island.