Arrested Palestinian father who beat his daughter to teach her to stand

Last weekend a terrible video of a Palestinian father hitting His daughter became viral. After the disclosure of the recording, the Argentine newspaper Daily ABC has reported that the father has been arrested.

The video, of extreme violence, shows how a man in his 40s beats his daughter, a baby of a few months, to make him stand up. Due to the brutality of the images, the recording angered many Internet users who decided to share it so that the girl's aggressor was found.

The adult does not let the girl sit and hit her again and again in the face and in the gut so that the baby stands up and does not fall. Before the abuse the girl cries inconsolably and tries to lean on the table so as not to fall and be attacked by her father again.

According to Abc Diario, the man has been arrested for the crime of child abuse. In addition, he reports that his four children have been welcomed by the authorities to safeguard their integrity. For reasons of preserving your data, you have been especially careful not to reveal the names of children and young people so they can remain anonymous.

The Argentine newspaper reports that Khaled Aba Khail, the spokesman for the Ministry of Labor and Social Development of Saudi Arabia said that the Violence Report Center was checking the images and looking for the man as soon as they had the video in their hands. Days later the arrest of the father took place so that the authorities dedicate what his destiny will be.

The 45 seconds of the video have gone around the world and users of social networks such as Twitter, Facebook or Instagram have spread the recording to collaborate in the search for the Palestinian father.

The second video

Days later and before the arrest, the father posted this other video in which the little girl is seen standing.