Arrested "the duo of the mataleón" that beat four victims to rob them

Police officers from the Arganzuela police station have arrested the couple of thieves who have been campaigning in the Madrid district for four months. These are two Senegalese citizens who took advantage of their large body of about two meters tall and over a hundred kilos to subdue their victims with extreme violence.

The aggressors were always stalking their victims at dawn in less-traveled areas of the Arganzuela district and when they spotted their objective they followed him to a less frequented place where they committed the assault. One of them grabbed the victim in the back by squeezing his neck until he was left unconscious while the other stifled his screams and movements to prevent him from asking for help. A method imported to Spain by Latin American criminals called "mataleón", as cowardly as dangerous because of the physical consequences that can leave the victims. And that was reflected in these images of security cameras that we published in OKDIARIO.

In this way the police accuse them of committing four assaults on two men and two women who, if they resisted or took time to fade, were also beaten to faint. It was the case of one of the women attacked at seven o'clock in the morning of a January day, who was killed half a dozen punches in the face to subdue her while they strangled her.

Despite the difficulty posed by the fact that the victims could not recognize their assailants when they suffered assaults from behind, the security cameras gave the clue to the policemen who established civilian devices and in camouflaged cars in the areas and times when the criminal duo acted.

Finally, the police detected them when they returned to their homes in the neighborhood of Lavapies. They are now in provisional prison charged with four robberies with violence. One of them already had numerous records for robberies with violence as well as sexual assault and ill-treatment of women.