Arrested the two thieves who left their victims unconscious with the 'mataleón' technique

The National Police of Madrid has managed to stop the two thieves from Arganzuela who robbed their victims leaving them unconscious after practicing the well-known technique of técnicamataleón ’. Of Senegalese origins, they used great violence on their victims, taking advantage of these techniques to, once lying on the ground, steal everything they had.

The investigation began at the end of last year, when several robberies occurred using this method. From that moment, the agents designed a surveillance system for the affected areas, with agents at the foot of the countryman and agents walking the streets of the town.

The method of operation of these two assailants was always the same. First they selected people who were alone in the street, and at night, which made it difficult to identify the two thieves. The assailants themselves could not identify any of the two assailants at any time, since they were quickly unconscious on the ground, although they did remember that they were burly. Then they were assaulted in the back and practiced the technique of ‘mataleón ’, consisting of grabbing the victim's neck until he is breathless for a few minutes.

At the beginning of February, the National Police agents identified the assailants in the well-known Madrid square of Lavapies, and they have gone to court, in an investigation that is still open.