Arrested the violent robber who assaulted 14 women at knife point

The National Police has arrested the known as the "robber of 8 in the morning". This is a violent criminal who has been, unless there is knowledge so far, responsible for the assault on a total of 14 women in the Madrid municipality of Alcobendas, north of the capital.

The National Police agents were aware of the existence of this criminal, who used to rob his victims – all women – first thing in the morning, after a first complaint on October 15, that assault was followed by 14 more in just 15 days. The ‘modus operandi’ of this robber at gunpoint, as can be seen in the video that shows OKDIARIO, was always the same: He assaulted his victims on stairs or portals of their jobs around 8 in the morning.

In addition, and as this newspaper has learned, the criminal always acted knife in hand, in fact, He even injured one of his victims in one of the assaults. For his robberies, in addition, he chose elderly women and even on one occasion he came to shamelessly embarrass a pregnant woman without caring about her pregnancy status.

As OKDIARIO has learned, in less than 15 days and with the help of the security cameras of some of the buildings where the assaults were committed on his victims, as is the case with these images, the National Police managed to identify him despite acting hooded. In these images, despite going without a voice, the woman's surprise can be seen clearly and in detail when she saw him following her, as well as when the robber takes out his knife to give him the money. The defenseless woman does not put up resistance and decides to give her the money she carries.

This is a 50-year-old man of Spanish nationality who already had four antecedents for theft, threats and damages. The court has already sent him to prison.