Atlético de Madrid remembers Clattenburg and the Champions League final that they could not win in Milan

Mark Clattenburg He acknowledged in an interview with the English newspaper ‘Daily Mail’ that he made a mistake in the Champions League final in Milan, validating Real Madrid’s goal. The Atlético de Madrid has echoed these statements on his official Twitter profile with a concise but clear message. A thoughtful emoji accompanies snapshots shared by the red and white entity.

«In that final, Real Madrid went 1-0 in the first half but the goal was offside for very little. We found out at the break. It was a difficult action and my assistant failed, “said the English referee who led that final between Real Madrid and Atlético at San Siro. That goal by Sergio Ramos was 1-0 for the Whites.

The camel put Zinedine Zidane’s team ahead after a free kick by Toni Kroos. The truth is that Bale is the one who prolongs that ball and at that moment it seems that the Madrid captain is slightly ahead, a millimeter offside. It was very difficult to see. Ramos anticipates a thousand wonders and beats Jan Oblak below the legs. The goal went up to the scoreboard and despite the fact that Simeone’s team managed to equalize in the second half through Carrasco, the cup went to the white club showcases after winning on penalties.

Four years after that match, the referee recognized his fault and the mattress entity has taken advantage to remember on social networks of that party they couldn’t win in Milan. The reality is that Real Madrid ended up prevailing because it was better in the overall calculation of the match and above all it did not fail from eleven meters in the penalty shootout that the Madrid derby decided.