Atlético takes its own medicine

Atletico Madrid fell defeated 2-1 against Bayer Leverkusen in a game in which the Germans defended and took advantage of those they had, although they were fortunate that their first goal was an autogol of Thomas. The second, Volland's work, and Morata's lonely goal, they don't upset the plans of the cadre directed by Cholo Simeone, which still having everything to face in the eighths end of Champions League… although the history of the past course could be repeated and be group seconds.

The rojiblancos, who already knew before the ball rolled the result of Juventus, who beat 1-2 Lokomotiv of Moscow, they had in their hand sign the mathematical classification for the eighths. Winning was one of the options, while the other was to repeat what happened in Dortmund last year when they fell defeated. And Atlético, suffering from par excellence, seems to have opted for the second option.

The worst team in the Champions League, next to Atalanta, I received a mattress box that came out with everything. Few changes to the Cholo, can not because of the injuries, but in the front skipped the biggest news: Diego Costa was a starter. Next to him, Morata. Behind a line of four formed by the usual Saul, Koke, Thomas and Correa. The other news appeared in the defense: Arias left Trippier on the bench. The rest, the known ones: Lodi, Felipe and Hermoso. The keeper of the arch could not be other than Jan Oblak.

The grass of the Bay Arena did not present its best finery and it was the players who paid for the dish. The first half was from Bayer Leverkusen, which without generating great danger occasions was superior to an Atlético who has accustomed us in recent weeks to sign matches to Harvey Dent, the villain of Batman, better known as Two faces.

Atlético, dominated

In fact, the goal of the premises, in minute 41, was in own goal. If we talked about villains, it was Thomas who put on the suit. Seventh corner taken by Leverkusen, Oblak saved an Olympic goal and in the back center, the midfielder tries to clear his head and introduces the ball into his own goal. Mazazo for the mattresses, who did not deserve that much despite being dominated by the Germans.

Felipe was not fine either, which joined the list of villains of the party. The Brazilian central missed several passes and at some exits to the crossing, but the worst came before Bayer's goal when, of course, in a corner kicked to the first post, he combed the ball and crashed into the crossbar of the Oblak arch. A kind of first warning that did not scare those of Cholo Simeone. Yes it was Thomas's own goal, but there was no material time left from the first act to be able to match the contest before intermission.

Something had to change in the resumption so that the rojiblancos -celestes tonight- could do a bit. El Cholo took advantage of the fact that a shot by Saúl, who was returning to the stadium where his calvary began with the kidney, left Aránguiz K.O. to the Chilean to make the first move. The ilicitano had to move to his ‘other position’, the left side, because Simeone took Lodi to enter a Lemar who needs to sign a good game than Albert Rivera a gadget to go to a debate.

Volland sentences Atlético

That left band of the mattresses was weakened with Saul's patch, besides it was Bellarabi the one who attacked out there. A center at the end of the Leverkusen reached the feet of Volland, who could control it and adjust it to the stick so that not even the usual miracles of Oblak could prevent his goal. 2-0 … and Diego Costa, on the bench. The Spanish-Brazilian is still not him. Vitolo entered and allowed Correa to anticipate the position in which he has shone in recent weeks.

Diego Costa was leaving and the ball began to flow better in a three-quarter zone. Lemar, with a foul, Correa and Saul tried to close distances, but the Leverkusen goalkeeper had thrown the bolt. Time kept running and in the 70 ′ it was time for Correa, who left leaving his position to Héctor Herrera, Vitolo being the one who now advanced his position. The canary had it and also enjoyed another Morata, who put it in, but as usual, was offside and the lineman raised the flag and the ‘Big Brother’ of the VAR ratified it.

The story seemed dead in Leverkusen, but the locals were able to make the third if Oblak, Hermoso and company do not get to get the ball on the line. Moments later, a brawl that resulted in four yellow, two for each side. The Slovenian and Morata took the cardboard by the pique they kept with the big Tah. There were 10 minutes left, but the game was over there. Atlético disconnected and the only thing that made him return to the crash was a criminal ticket from Amiri to Arias that resulted in direct red. The reaction was late, in 93 ′. Morata, who is hooked to the goal, cut distances and was able to tie, but this time the goalkeeper of the Leverkusen became Oblak working the miracle, causing that between iron defense, luck and stops, the Athletic one ended up taking of his own medicine in Germany.