Aurah Ruiz and Jesé Rodríguez, together celebrating a very special date

2020 does not stop surprising. The last meeting that has set the network on fire It was that of Aurah Ruiz and Jesé Rodríguez. After several years of legal disputes, the ex-partner wanted to give a second chance. They were already leaving clues that the reconciliation It could be possible. First it was a trip of the ex-contestant of ‘Big Brother VIP 6’ to Paris that set off all the alarms and, later, the footballer was ‘placed’ in a video of Mtmad of the influencer to show all your love. A few hours ago the Canarian celebrated her birthday surrounded by some friends, and of course the athlete could not miss, thus confirming the rapprochement between the two. Something unthinkable a year ago.

Jesse Rodríguez, Aura Ruiz, Patricia and Lester./Instagram @lester_dc

Thanks to the stories of Lester, contestant of ‘The island of temptations 2’ has been able to see this expected meeting that is giving so much to talk about. Several videos of the young man at a party in a chalet have revealed who the protagonists of a birthday have been in which the safety distance has not been respected. Curiously, throughout the day, the one who was once a couple of Marta Peñate -now contestant in ‘The strong house 2’- He has deleted some photographs in which the footballer appeared in an atmosphere of party and fun with the rest of the guests.

Jesse Rodríguez, Lester and a friend on Aurah Ruiz's birthday / Instagram @lester_dc
Jesse Rodríguez, Lester and a friend on Aurah Ruiz’s birthday / Instagram @lester_dc

The celebration took place in the Canary Islands, the birthplace of Aurah, who was turning 31 years old surrounded by her closest environment, among which were the aforementioned contestant of the Mediaset reality show, the soccer player, Paticia, -Lester’s partner – and some friends more than the influencer. A party in which no detail has been missing; good weather, delicious catering and even a DJ who has been in charge of livening up the evening with the hits of the moment.

Aurah Ruiz celebrating her birthday in the Canary Islands./Instagram @lester_dc
Aurah Ruiz celebrating her birthday in the Canary Islands./Instagram @lester_dc

It is necessary to remember that the reunion between Aurah and Jesse it has been a real bomb, Since they have been throwing poisoned darts for years through social networks, as well as they have been participants in a long legal battle to solve the problems in which they did not agree in relation to the child they have in common. A story that has taken a 180 degree turn and that for the moment, its protagonists have not spoken. Will love triumph?