Barcelona asks UEFA to make financial fair play more flexible

Barça know that they are facing an impossible mission if they need to get 69 million euros before it is June 30 to balance their accounts and not exceed fair-play financial. Bartomeu and his board have concluded that before selling Dembélé, Coutinho and company the solution lies in a well-founded complaint to UEFA.

The club believes that the season has been totally adulterated by the coronavirus pandemic and that it is not logical to be held accountable without the season having come to an end. As has happened with the transfer market –where players who end the contract have been given an extension until the end– The Catalans think that the deadline for presenting balance sheets and accounts should be extended until August 31.

Not in vain, UEFA plans the Champions League final for that time of the season and many clubs depend on the competition’s television income to balance their accounts. Barça, in addition, has seen how its stadium and its official store have not yielded any revenue in all this time when they represent more than a fifth of the budget.

The club seeks allies – PSG could be one of them – to put pressure on a UEFA that is planned announce on June 17 the main lines of the new football in the Old Continent. Some managers even claim that if they had to bring this matter to court they would have won it, but that They don’t want to have to do this with the highest body in European football. The club lives pending to know if they will give him this respite or on the contrary he will have to make sales of doubtful taste.

Without going any further, recently it was leaked that an offer for the Ansu Fati pearl for 100 million euros had arrived. At the club they flatly refused to sell it, but absolutely no one ruled out that this offer had come. That is why everyone is waiting to be able to fish if finally UEFA does not give in to Barça’s claims.