Bayern scares Europe

With football still stopped in the big European leagues except in Germany, Bayern Munich begins to make a difference and teach the rest of the rivals for the Champions the way forward after the break. The Bavarians seem not to have noticed the lack of activity during the time that the Bundesliga and they continue their streak. Their great state of form makes them win whole, in the absence of seeing how the rest of the greats return, facing the fight for the maximum European competition.

Without being at first in the pools, and after a bad start to the season that made them finish the first round in third position and four points from the lead, Bayern It is presented as one of the coconuts to beat to take the continental title once the competition returns. You just need to see the streak they accumulate from 18 wins and a draw since Hans-Dieter Flick took over.

The reaction of the Munich team after the change of coach has led him to add the best numbers in his history in the Bundesliga, which makes them have the title in their hand. In total, they have marked 86 goals in the 29 days they have played in the league, fitting 28. If only the matches with Flick on the bench are taken into account, they have scored 61 goals in 19 days, receiving 12.

The numbers also correspond to a spectacular shape status of the spine of its staff. In addition to Robert Lewandoswki, who has 43 goals among all competitions, men like Müller, Kimmich or Davies They stand out among the rest for the great level to which they are performing.

With the express format presented by the Champions for the end of this typical season, the state of form in which the different candidates arrive will be especially important, and Bayern is in steamroller mode. The sensations they transmit on the field of play is that they play what they want and when they want. For the moment, Waiting to see how the rest of the greats are, the Germans present their candidacy to get their sixth “orejona”.